If we talk about cars, we all know what we mean. However, the term passnger cars can be a little confusing.

What is a passenger car?

A passenger car, commonly a car, is a vehicle whose purpose is the transport of persons. To be considered a passenger car you must have a maximum of nine seats, including the driver, and at least four wheels.

Any car with these characteristics will be considered a passenger car and will be classified according to the ITV Station Inspection Procedure Manual as category M1.

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When should a car pass the MOT in Spain?

Although the term passenger car covers a wide variety of cars, all vehicles included in this category are governed by the same regulations, whether they are gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid, and regardless of their capacity, type of engine, etc.

The periodic roadworthiness test of vehicles shall be carried out at the following frequency:


First MOT of a car At 4 years of enrollment
Cars between 4 and 10 years Biennial, that is, every two years
From the age of 10 Annual, each year

Elements that are inspected in the MOT of a car

The technical inspection of a car consists in verifying the operation or condition of various parts of the vehicle, such as: identifying data collected in the technical data sheet, interior and exterior state or if the reforms observed are approved.

Therefore, the elements that are inspected are those necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle and the safety of both its occupants and other drivers driving on the road, with the task of fulfilling the conditions required for its circulation on public roads.

If you want to know more about them and what process we follow in our ITV, check out this page about technical inspections.


Tips and Recommendations for a Favorable Car MOT

The safety elements of the vehicle are the most important, both external and internal: tires, lights, rear-view mirrors, belts, bodywork…

The best recommendation we can give from ITV La Hoya is that you do a good maintenance of the vehicle on a regular basis. Surely these 11 tips to perform a good maintenance of the vehicle can be useful to have your car in an optimal condition and ensure that the trip to the ITV ends with a favorable result.