Regular tests

Vehicles must regularly undergo the MOT test to ensure they follow the legislation concerning road safety and protection of the environment.

We are aware that this is a compulsory inspection, that’s why our work ethics imply: promptness, quality and hospitality.

Staff at ITV La Hoya have a clear mission: To create a pleasant environment at our MOT centre.

The equipment and facilities at ITV La Hoya show a clear difference regarding everything you know until now:

  • An innovative and efficient appointment system which avoids confusion within the building.
  • The arrangement of the equipment and procedures of inspection eliminate idle time during the process, which you will probably have experienced in other MOT centres.
  • A large waiting room and isolated from the building; you will be able to see your vehicle while it is being tested. A children’s area has been accommodated so that they are comfortable and entertained during the process.
  • Wi-Fi area to entertain yourself.
  • Fully-trained and experienced technical staff who will answer any technical question you may have.
  • Double entry system to the building, straight to the inspection gate especially for heavy vehicles with previous appointment or vehicles that undergo a second inspection.

We do your regular check-up test of your vehicle. You can come to our MOT centre without previous appointment, but it is advisory to get an appointment via web or phone. It will be even quicker.

Clear focus towards heavy vehicles

We have a specialised inspection line for heavy vehicles and tractor-trailer sets. The layout of our equipment and procedures can double the average capacity.

In addition, we have a universal inspection line, that is, for both heavy and light vehicles. As a result, we can test a larger number of heavy or semi-heavy vehicles, shortening the waiting of such vehicles in peak periods.

The third line is only for light vehicles, motorcycles and scooters. We have improved the procedures and stages of the inspection to get rid of idle times and increase our efficiency. It is not necessary to bring your lorry or van fully loaded anymore. Previously it was necessary for some semi-heavy vehicles to load the vehicle, in order to avoid any problems with the brakes test and, even so, this test is often not reliable.

In ITV La Hoya, we get rid of this problem, since we have a brake tester with a load simulation system. Its function is to simulate a loaded vehicle. Then its weight is varied during the braking, increasing the liability of the whole process.

Types of vehicles:


Passenger cars

Vehículos Mixtos

Mixed Vehicles













Vehículos Agrícolas

Agricultural vehicles

Vehículos de Obras y Servicios

Works and Services Vehicles