The vehicles must pass periodically the well-known ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection) to ensure that they comply with the regulations in terms of road safety and environmental protection. Since we are aware that it is a mandatory inspection, our main premises are speed, quality in service and hospitality. That’s why the ITV La Hoya team has a clear mission: to make ITV a pleasant place.

Equipment and facilities

The equipment and facilities of ITV La Hoya show a clear difference from what has been known so far, a different way to pass this periodic inspection:
  • A new appointment and shift management system: efficient and avoids confusion within the venue.
  • The layout of the machinery and the inspection procedures eliminate the downtime during the process, which you have probably suffered in other ITV stations.
  • Wide and isolated waiting room of the ship, you will have visual contact with the vehicles that are passing inspection. Children’s area in case you prefer to be comfortable and entertained during the process.
  • Wifi zone to make your stay as entertaining as possible.
  • Technical staff with extensive training and experience that will solve any technical questions you have.
  • System of double entrance to the enclosure and internal street free of vehicles for a direct access to the inspection door for heavy vehicles with appointment and vehicles that repeat inspection.
Estación ITV La Hoya
Inspección a vehículos pesados

Clear inspection approach towards heavy duty vehicles

We have a specialized inspection line on heavy-tonnage vehicles and tractor-trailer assemblies. The availability of on-line inspection equipment and the procedures in place may double the normal capacity.

In addition, we have another Universal inspection line, meaning that both heavy and light vehicles can pass. Thanks to it we can inspect more heavy or semi-heavy vehicles, alleviating the waiting for such vehicles at times of maximum influx.

The third line is exclusively for light vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds. We have optimized inspection procedures and phases to eliminate downtime and increase efficiency.

Braking technology for the inspection of vehicles with loads

In some semi-heavy vehicles it was necessary to carry the vehicle with load, to avoid problems with the braking test. Even so, such a test is often unsuitable.

At ITV La Hoya we eliminate this problem, as we have a brake meter with load simulation system. Its function is to simulate that the vehicle is loaded and to vary this load during braking, thus increasing the probability of success in the test.

Inspección periódica con frenómetro

Types of vehicles to which we passed the ITV

Inspección técnica de turismos

Passenger cars

Inspección técnica de Vehículos Mixtos

Mixed vehicles

Inspección Técnica de Camiones


Inspección técnica de autobuses


Inspección técnica de remolques


Inspección técnica de motocicletas


Inspección técnica de ciclomotores


Inspección técnica de quad


Inspección técnica de vehículos Agrícolas

Agricultural vehicles

Inspección técnica de Vehículos de Obras y Servicios

Vehicles for works and services