Have you made any modifications to your vehicle?

Many of these amendments are considered “major reforms” by the legislation. Therefore, it will be necessary that you go with the vehicle to an ITV station to make this annotation of the reform in the technical sheet.

The documentation to be submitted may vary depending on the extent and importance of the reform, the most common being:

  • Data sheet and circulation licence.
  • Laboratory or vehicle manufacturer’s report of conformity authorising the vehicle to carry out such a reform.
  • Workshop certificate that has carried out the reform.
  • In some cases, a technical project is required along with a final work certificate and a responsible declaration from the technician who has carried out the project.

You can consult us by phone or email for any questions you have about it.

Remember: whenever you come with a vehicle that is not in your name to carry out a non-recurrent inspection, you must present an authorization from the owner of the vehicle authorizing you to carry out such a procedure on his behalf, and a copy of his ID.

Inspección de reformas de la ITV