For us, your satisfaction is the most important thing. Therefore, ITV La Hoya did not emerge to be just another ITV. It was born with the firm conviction that things can be done differently, betting on personalized attention, providing exquisite treatment to the customer, trying to be part of the solution not the problem; In short, to dignify a process that until now suffered from that sensitivity, understanding and empathy that must be had when relations are established between people.

We are a private company, but with a marked character of public service because we feel especially sensitized with the noble work of ensuring the safety of our customers.

Estación ITV La Hoya

Facilities at ITV La Hoya

The facilities are designed to offer a professional, agile and flexible service to our customers, we have four lines of inspection, two of them dedicated to industrial and professional vehicles, we have a technical team trained in the various fields of action, both in ITV and in vehicle reforms, modern facilities and adapted to the new needs demanded by the sector, equipped with the latest technological advances in inspection.

At ITV LA HOYA we carry out the inspection for you, if you ask us, we have a room equipped with all amenities, free WIFI, TV, snacks machines, water cooler and a professional who will accompany you during the duration of the service.

A professional and human team

All this would be impossible without the involvement of our colleagues. We are lucky to have a group of professionals who will welcome you with a coffee and a smile to make you feel at home. All of us in this magnificent team work together to make your ITV LA HOYA experience positive, different, emotional and enjoyable.

Friendliness, polite and friendly treatment, professionalism and trust are just some of the aspects that differentiate us from other companies in the sector.

Come, live it and tell us, your opinion is important to us.

ITV La Hoya team