Used and new imported vehicles must pass a technical inspection so that the ITV itself can issue a Spanish data sheet, regulated according to RD 750/2010.

Once the new data sheet is obtained in the ITV, the Traffic Headquarters is called to register the vehicle.

Although you can come without an appointment, we have reserved a certain number of appointments for this type of inspection. There are many professionals who demand these appointments to avoid long waits at the ITV, we believe that professionals and individuals deserve this treatment.

The documentation to be submitted to the ITV station for these inspections is (with exceptions):

  • ORIGINAL documentation of the country of origin.
  • Certificate of conformity of the vehicle manufacturer or reduced technical data sheet (according to model of RD 750/2010) signed by the competent technician together with his responsible declaration.
  • In cases of being a new vehicle, affidavit that it is a new vehicle

The vehicle is inspected, which is more extensive than normal. If you have requested an appointment and all the documentation and inspection are correct, it is very likely that you will have the new data sheet on the same day.

Remember: whenever you come with a vehicle that is not in your name to carry out a non-recurrent inspection, you must present an authorization from the owner and copy of his ID

Inspección de vehículos de importación