In the event of a change of destination of the vehicle, according to the regulations in force, R.D. 2042/1994, an inspection shall be carried out, the new destination and the new inspection date corresponding to the new periodicity by the competent body of the Autonomous Community where the inspection has been carried out are entered on the I.T.V. card.

If the change of destination of the vehicle takes place before the expiration of the first inspection period, and if this change does not imply any technical modification, only the relevant entry on the I.T.V.Card shall be made, the time limit for the first inspection being that which would correspond to the more severe situation of the two destinations.

The documentation to be submitted to the station for a change of service is:

  • Data sheet of the vehicle
  • Driving licence for the vehicle

Remember: whenever you come with a vehicle that is not in your name to carry out a non-recurrent inspection, you must present an authorization from the owner and copy of his ID

Cambios de servicio de vehículos