Requirements for cataloguing a vehicle as historical

Historic vehicles may be considered as vehicles which meet all of the following conditions:

  1. It was first manufactured or registered at least thirty years earlier.
  2. Its specific type has ceased to occur.
  3. It is in its original state and has not undergone any fundamental changes in its technical characteristics or major components, such as the engine, brakes, steering, suspension or body.

But you will need to perform some formalities, among them, that Industry authorizes the vehicle to be classified as historical. It is Industry that decides the new periodicity in the periodic inspections and the elements of the vehicle that are exempt from being inspected in ITV.

We advise to contact a Club of Historical Vehicles, they help quite to carry out these formalities.

Inspección de vehículos históricos

Advantages of a historic vehicle

This will increase the time between periodic inspections and reduce some technical inspection requirements. Vehicles listed as historical vehicles shall be subject to periodic roadworthiness tests under the conditions laid down for their cataloguing in accordance with the Historic Vehicles Regulation, and at least as often as follows:

Age and frequency of ITV

Antiquity Inspection frequency
< 40 years Biennial
40 – 45 years
> 45 years Quadrennial