Duplicates and renewals of traffic licence

The holder of a vehicle whose traffic licence or licence has been misappropriated, damaged or lost may request a duplicate. Its issue alone shall determine the annulment of the original.

The procedures provided for will be carried out at the electronic headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic, or, failing that, at any Provincial Headquarters or Local Traffic Office.

Documentation for duplicate data sheet by loss, subtraction or deterioration:

The ITV Station will request background information from the Vehicle Archive of the General Directorate of Energy and Industrial and Mining Activity. It shall be accompanied by:

  • Original of the Data Sheet
  • Circulation Permit or D.G. de Tráfico

Documentation for duplicate data sheet for rehabilitation:

  • Traffic permit or J.P. de Tráfico.
  • Office of the J.P. de Tráfico authorizing rehabilitation.
  • Data sheet – ITV card, if available.

Documentation for duplicate data sheet change of registration:

  • Traffic permit, always, or J.P. Traffic record.
  • Data sheet

Duplicates of data sheet

Did you lose your vehicle spec?

You can get a new one as quickly and economically as possible. There are two reasons for this loss: LOSS OR SUBTRACTION.

If you’ve lost the data sheet, making a new one is easy. You only need to show up at the station with your vehicle. The steps are as follows

  1. You fill out a misdirection statement and you sign it.
  2. We consult in real time the necessary data with the Traffic Headquarters.
  3. The fee is paid.
  4. The vehicle is inspected very quickly.
  5. You can have the new data sheet on the same day, depending on the province where the vehicle is registered.

If the loss was due to abduction, there is only one small change: the declaration of abduction must be made by the police or civil guard. That statement must be brought to the ITV.

We also duplicate technical data for other reasons: rehabilitation, change of registration, auctions…

If the traffic permit has also been lost, you will have to apply for it at the Traffic Headquarters or through a Management Office. TIVs do NOT duplicate movement permits.

Remember: whenever you come with a vehicle to carry out a non-recurrent inspection, you must present an authorization from the owner of the vehicle authorizing you to carry out such a procedure on his behalf, and a copy of his ID.