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Tips for the MOT of your motorhome, caravan or camper in Spain

With rising temperatures, it is common to see a proliferation of motorhomes, caravans and campervans circulating on our roads. They have become a great option for travel and sightseeing because of the advantages offered by these types of vehicles. However, they are also a great responsibility for the amount of elements they have, making their passage through the MOT more necessary and deep than that of conventional tourism.

Many of the tests that are performed on these housing vehicles are the same as those of the rest, but obviously they have their peculiarities and details to pay attention to. In this article, we will give you the relevant information that you must know if you want to overcome the MOT of your motorhome successfully in Spain.


Before knowing what is reviewed in the technical inspection of a motorhome, camper or caravan, it is important to know the periodicity of them, because they have their differences.

Frequency of motorhomes

If we talk about motorhomes, in Spain their frequency is similar to that of passenger cars: they are exempt the first 4 years from their first registration; then, they must pass the ITV every 2 years until they turn 10 years; later, they have to go through the MOT every year.

Periodicity of the caravans

For caravans (closed, non-self-propelled trailers that include basic furniture inside), the periodicity depends on its MMA. If a caravan has an MMA of less than 750kg, it shall be exempt from this inspection. If the caravan exceeds 750kg, you will have to pass the first spanish MOT at 6 years of your first registration. Then, the periodicity is every 2 years.

Frequency of camper vehicles

For camped vehicles, the frequency of inspection will depend on the category of vehicle. For example, if a van has been camped, the periodicity shall be that of a van; if a truck has been camped, the periodicity shall be the same as that of any other truck, etc. Therefore, it is important to note that although the interior and/or exterior aspect of a camped vehicle (transformation of any vehicle into a dwelling vehicle) is modified, the inspection frequency remains unchanged.

General aspects of technical inspection of residential vehicles

The first thing to check, whether it is your camper, caravan or camper van, is the documentation. All the elements and equipment installed must be correctly reflected in the data sheet.

Interior furniture, heating, windows, skylights, solar panels, trailer ball (in the case of caravans) … Everything must be documented for a favorable MOT.

Then the inspection is performed like any other vehicle: exterior elements check, engine and emission test (if applicable), tires, braking test, lights, inspection of the bottom in the pit… With good vehicle maintenance throughout the year, we will pass all these tests without problem.

What do you see in the ITV of motorhomes, caravans and campers in Spain?

Once we know the general aspects of the inspection, we will see the specific items that are reviewed to motorhomes and campervans.

One of the most important elements, to which the inspectors pay special attention, is the installation of gas. Technicians will check that the system, both the rubber and the vent, does not present leaks, obstructions or be too deteriorated. To do this, it is advisable to replace the tires every 4 years or so, and check the status of the installation before going to the station.

Water tanks are also an element to be reviewed in the inspection. Therefore, you must make sure that it does not leak and its operation is correct.

Electrical installation is another important component in a camped vehicle. While it is true that it is not an element that inspectors usually pay attention to, it is vital to check that both the wiring, batteries and fuses are in perfect condition to secure our security.

As a reminder, although we mentioned it in the previous point, it is important to check the correct operation of the lights and the condition of the tires. They are common elements in the inspection of any vehicle, but especially of these housing vehicles, which sometimes spend prolonged periods parked pending the summer.

With this article, we want you to be aware of the aspects that you should pay attention to so you can enjoy a safe holiday in your motorhome. To this end, it is of vital importance to regularly check the condition of the vehicle and its component parts. By carrying out a maintenance of your camper and passing this mandatory inspection at the spanish MOT, you will enjoy it for a longer time and increase your safety and that of other road users.


  1. If I want to modify my vehicle such as add windows to it, I understand it needs sign off first. Then the work can be done and signed off, more paperwork and brown envelopes for all involved. Then itv inspects it. But where do I go first to get this paperwork sign off….?

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