InformationLas ITV intensifican su labor en la inspección técnica a los autobuses de transporte escolar

The ITV intensifies its work in the technical inspection of school transport buses

AECA-ITV focuses on ‘school’ buses. And it does so in the School Transportation Safety Week, recalling the arduous task of inspection in the around 17,000 vehicles that cover this service in our country.

The regulatory norm (Royal Decree 443/2001, of April 27), and its subsequent modifications, obliges buses with less than 5 years to pass an annual ITV. Thereafter, it is done every six months in an inspection that lasts about two hours.

The inspectors of the ITV stations implement a protocol that, firstly, goes through an administrative control over the authorizations and documents that the driver himself must comply with (driving license, driving times …). Subsequently, the technical control is carried out with two phases: one that is passed on the line and that is common to the rest of the vehicles (vehicle identification; exterior conditioning, body and chassis, interior conditioning; lighting and signaling; polluting emissions; brakes; axles, wheels, tires and suspension; engine and transmission). And, in a second phase, buses such as school transport, with particular regulations, have additional revisions.

The roadmap is extensive: the service must be marked on the inside and back with the school transport sign; driver-operated doors; brightly colored stairs; seat belt or other approved child restraint systems; windows whose practicable opening may not exceed 1/3 of the upper part thereof; Non-slip floor, signposted emergency exits, speed limiter, glass breaker…

In 2016, 24.4% of the total buses that carried out the ITV (84,790) were rejected in a first technical inspection.

FTe.: AECA-ITV. (www.aec

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