InformationTráfico controlará el estado de los vehículos y si han pasado ITV

Traffic will control the status of the vehicles and if they have passed ITV

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has launched a campaign to control the conditions of the vehicle and will monitor during this week the condition of the tires, the lights, the signaling or the windshield, in addition to checking if they have passed the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV).

Traffic is particularly concerned about this issue since the average age of the vehicles in which the fatalities of road accidents traveled in 2017 was 13.2 years in the case of passenger cars, 8.8 years in motorcycles and 12.8 years on trucks up to 3,500 kilos.

And also, DGT ensures, one in five vehicles did not pass the ITV in 2016 for not meeting the minimum safety conditions or for emitting polluting and harmful emissions into the atmosphere higher than what the law allows.

The DGT recalls that the risk of dying or suffering an injury with hospitalization increases with the age of the vehicle. Thus, compared to cars up to four years old, the risk of death is 1.6 times higher in cars aged 10 to 14 years and 2.2 times higher in cars aged 15 to 19 years.

Among the safety elements that it is advisable to carry in good condition are the tires.

Approximately more than a million of the vehicles, 5 percent, circulate with serious defects in the wheels, mainly due to having a tread depth below the legal minimum of 1.6 millimeters; due to irregular wear due to poor suspension or due to incorrect alignment and driving with the wrong pressure.

Vehicles related to a more professional use, such as vans, have higher rates of tire defects.

Regarding lighting and signaling, the DGT offers some basic advice and emphasizes that lamps gradually reduce their intensity with use, so they must be changed every 40,000 kilometers or two years.

The lamps must be changed two by two, because their use is symmetrical in most cases, and it is necessary to always keep the optics clean, that is, the headlights and lamps.

Other elements that will be controlled in the campaign will be the registration plate, which must not be damaged and must be identified and read correctly, as well as the windshield, which must not present any damage; the documentation of the vehicle that must be carried; the ITV card and the corresponding sticker, visible on the front window.

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