InformationTechnology in the rear-view mirrors

The future and technology in rear-view mirrors

In order to avoid accidents on the road and improve the vision of drivers at those angles with lower visibility, high-tech elements are being implemented to replace the rear-view mirrors. These devices, full of cameras, aim to eliminate the problem of blind spots in the vehicle.

This will mainly benefit larger vehicles, which have wider blind spots. In addition, they will have other utilities that will make safer driving, such as preventing raindrops from sticking to the rear-view mirror, making visibility difficult.

What is “Man Optiview” technology?

This new technology to extend the driver’s field of vision is called “MAN Optiview”, a device that has already begun to be installed on trucks. They have not yet entered into force for passenger cars, but are expected to do so in the near future.

External elements

The “Man Optiview” is composed of three exterior cameras. Two of them are installed in the door frames on both sides of the vehicle and are the ones that will replace the side mirrors. The other is located on the side of the passenger and will replace the interior rear-view mirror.

They are collapsible, water-resistant, capable of filtering glare (produced by any light source, such as the lights of other cars or the sun) and self-regulating.

Interior elements

To complement these external cameras, two HD screens are installed inside. In them, the driver will be able to see everything that happens in the surroundings of the vehicle and allow to assess distances and lengths in a more precise way.

One of them, on the driver’s side, has a 12-inch screen and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with HD quality.

Although the display properties can be configured manually, with a control module located on the door, this system can also adjust the brightness and contrast of the display according to the ambient lighting automatically. A perfect mechanism for situations in which there are sudden changes in the lighting of the environment or for those with vision problems.

With this technology, we can have several different views, zoom or detect distant objects before they approach the car.

Technology within automobiles is only advancing and systems such as the Man Optiview are becoming increasingly relevant to driving and road safety.

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